Badenhop Fleisch is currently the largest supplier to the European pet food industry. We process only Category 3 slaughterhouse by-products sourced exclusively from EU approved slaughterhouses and cutting plants.
Our modern production plants enable the raw materials to be processed in accordance with individual customer specifications through an uninterrupted chain of refrigeration and freezing.
We have a separate on site area which houses the processing of fresh pig‘s blood. Using the most advanced technology in our cooling, separating and spray-drying systems we produce protein powder with the highest levels of digestibility.
Our cold stores and drying areas allow for adaptable product arrangement that enables the ’just-in-sequence‘ deliveries with our specialised vehicles.

24,000 palettes storage capacity
500 t freezing capacity per day
500 t of fresh material delivered each day
1.000 t. production capability per day
More than 250 employees